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Favorite Soccer Games of All Times

football gamesAfter a long day at the office, soccer games are my favorite method of unwinding.

Hello and welcome to my website. today I will be talking about my favorite soccer game of all times. Actually, I do not expect everyone reading this article to agree to my opinion of what the best soccer game is. This article comprises primarily of my opinion. I encourage you to read the article with open mind. You never know what you will learn. I also would like to encourage my followers and readers to share their opinion via the comment box. So, now that we are over with all the preambles, let’s get started.

Score Hero: Favorite Soccer games of all Time

Let me start by saying that most of you folks were expecting me to vote FIFA 2018 as my favorite soccer games of all times. Sorry to disappoint you guys. But FIFA 2018 is not what I would term as my ideal soccer game. I know you are probably wondering about my decision and what factors compelled me to arrive at it. Well, in the next few paragraphs, you will learn about score hero game and why I love it so much.

About Score Hero

soccer gamesAs already hinted, score hero is a soccer game that’s available only on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the game can’t be played on a PC. In the game, there is only one objective and goal. Players are only concerned with scoring goals. There are over 400 game stages that you can compete in. before moving to the next stage, there is a certain score you must reach. To reach that score, you have to attain lots of 3-star ratings for each game completed.

One of the things I love about the game is the ability to synchronize your Facebook profile with the game. That ways, you can always save your progress on the go, in the event that you lose your phone, your score hero progress remains intact. Once you acquire a new phone, you simply download and install score hero again. Then, login to your Facebook account and your previous record is restored. How cool is that? Very cool I do say.


Did I mention that score hero is free to download, install and play? If I did not, then I just did. You don’t have to worry about any kind of payment. Everyone is welcomed to download and give the give a trial. So go ahead and download and give score hero which remain one of my best soccer games a try.

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